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Losing Its Humanity Values and Awareness

Jogja Ilang Roso

Yogyakarta, May 4th, 2015

Two incidents occurred in sequence—two women had lost their lives in Yogyakarta ‘The Special Land’.  These strengthened the previous early warning by Yogyakarta Woman Network (JPY) in the beginning year of 2013 that sexual violence is not merely an emergency call but this problem should be resolved by state commitments. The death of a college student during childbirth gave a sudden jerk of our conscience. “Is this our face of humanity at present? Are we so inconsiderate? Our grief had not been over, yet our humanity was again torn by violent killing of another young woman.


Media supposed to play its role as fact presenter in advocacy of sexual violence often victimizes by ignoring journalism ethics. Revealing a clear identity by mentioning the name and bluntly publishing the news violate the principle of respect for the dead and set aside empathy to the victims” families. Bombastic and sensational reporting should not have been presented primarily in these two incidents. The role of media as a source of actual and factual news remains important and therefore public should be critical to ensure such role. On the other side, the government which holds authority to enforce supervision in fact frequently neglects its function. Supervision by the public and government on media should be able to remind and direct the media to present news which stands for victim rights.


These incidents should be a warning bell and at the same time a reminder question “What is happening within our society? Are we so inconsiderate? Will we keep neglecting after these two lives lost and unnoticed? Jogja Berhati Nyaman which indicates a safe and comfortable place to live in is no longer in line with reality, as if sense of humanity began to fade from awareness, a growth and development paradox.


Responding to these incidents and news published by some media, JPY, OBR Indonesia-Yogyakarta, Perempuan Mahardika and Yogyakarta Domestic Worker Network (JPPRT) urged matters as follows:

  1. Sensitivity in the news media which promotes the principle of non-discrimination and protection of victims, we demand that the news media provides corrections to the news that have ignored journalistic ethic codes.
  2. The commitment of the heads of region to take a stand and conduct real actions of prevention by disseminating information and access to reproductive health services and woman protection.
  3. We embrace the people of Yogyakarta to revive awareness—respecting, protecting, maintaining social ties as well as raising social sensitivity among residents as part of the identity of Yogyakarta.JogjaIlangRoso_English_Version

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